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ADXS25 Scholarship Registration

ADXS25 Scholarship Registration


ADX Racing Team 4-Tiered Scholarship Program


​The ADX Racing Team is offering a comprehensive 4-tiered scholarship program for aspiring racers aiming to compete in various club rounds across UK . This programe aims to identify and nurture talented individuals, providing them with the opportunity to experience the world of professional owner-kart racing. ​


The final prize will be a full season of racing at various club man rounds with all racing expenses covered worth £25.000, with a brand new kart* included.


Exclusive to this year a second 1st price for Cadets from 8 to 12 years old only. 

This prize has a full year of racing funded by ADX Racing in various clubman rounds. 


2nd place will be awarded a half-season of racing at the Rye house MSUK with all karting expenses covered worth £12.500 kart not included.


3rd place will be awarded 1 race at the Rye House MSUK with all karting expenses covered, kart included.​​



Sign up! To enter the Program, participants have the opportunity to take advantage of our early bird price of £99.00 if registered by the 1st of June. After this date, the entry fee will be the full price of £149.00 until the 1st of July, when registration closes. This fee covers administrative costs and helps support the scholarship program. You will receive a welcome pack with your application containing many goodies from the ADX racing team. There are limited spaces available. The entries are on a first come first served basis so get booking.



Participants have until July 1st, 2024 to submit their best lap times at their home track with owner/rental/indoor/outdoor karts. New lap times are required. If not available please submit 3 lap times within the last 6 months. Lap times will be corroborated with track records to determine eligibility for the second stage. This stage is open to racers of all levels and backgrounds, welcoming both newcomers and experienced racers with a minimum of 6 months experience. Lap times will be reviewed and compared to track records, and the top performers will advance to the next stage. We take into account age and weight. The top participants from this stage will be notified via email and, when accepted will be invited to Rye House to take part in stage 2. ​​



Full Day of Driving on Rye House Karts To enter the second stage £350.00 must be paid upon receiving your confirmation of eligibility to the next round, the deadline for the payment stage 2 is the 10th of July. Winners will be determined based on their driving ability, physical fitness, and compatibility with the ADX Racing Team's mission and values. Successful participants from this tier will be eligible to move to stage 3.



A full day of Prokarts and Cadet karts, The third stage is £50.00  and is open to the top 30 drivers selected from Stage 2. Participants will have the opportunity to drive fully race-prepared Prokart or Cadet karts.

(10 cadets, 10 juniors, Seniors



Among the 10 participants in this stage, one will be named the overall winner of the ADX Racing Team scholarship program, earning recognition, support, and a path to join the ADX Racing Team with a BRM Racing kart.


Second place will receive half a season at Rye House paid for by the team (you will need to supply your own kart).


Third place will receive one fully funded MSUK race weekend with the ADX racing team at Rye House. The final outcome will be determined by Lap Times, Physical capabilities, mental approach to racing, and attitude.​


Important Dates:​

  • Entry Fee Deadline for Stage 1: July 1st, 2024 (early registration discount) £99.00.

  • From 1st of June to 1st July registration fee will be £149.00

  • All registrations are closed on the 1st of July 2024

  • Lap Time Submission Deadline for Stage 1: 1-07-2024

  • Payment for stage 2 deadline: 10-07-2024


This 4-Stage scholarship program aims to not only provide opportunities for racers to compete in the clubman championships around the UK but also to discover and nurture future karting talents who can potentially join the ADX Racing Team. The scholarship program offers a progressive journey, culminating in a rewarding experience for all who take part.


    Submit your size and will provide your ADXS25 racing T-shirt exclusivly made for the scholarship.


    Unique to ADXS25 Visor Strip

  • ADXS25 Stickers

    Random size and design stickers 

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